The further north direction Essaouira, the stronger the wind

The best time for kitesurfing around Tafedna is between April/May and September, when the north-wind appears and the Atlantic has calmed down. The wind is mainly on shore and the bay of Tafedna is protected from strong wind gusts; enabling you an unforgettable kitesurf session in a safe environment! The further north you go direction Essaouira the stronger the wind gets, thus offering kitesurf conditions for all levels!

Kitesurf Coaching is the most structured method to teach you the fundamentals of kitesurfing and systematically further develop your existing skills.

In a beginner course you first learn the basics of kitesurfing on the beach, which safety precautions are necessary and how to handle the wind regime. Once you can control the kite you learn to body drag through the water. In a next step you add the board and master the skills of beach start and then water start. The aim of the course is for you to glide along the water like a butterfly, experiencing the joy of pure freedom!

The coaching session takes place in French and English and is conducted by Fayçal and his team. As former marine officer and qualified IKO instructor with over 18 years of experience, Fayçal knows the ocean and its behaviour like the back of his hand. He will carefully analyse the wind forecast and take you to the kitesurf spot best matching your ability, making sure safety is the constant primary objective.


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