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Meet Morocco's Kite-Paradise DAKHLA

In southwest Morocco on the border to Mauritania, a few kilometres before the city of Dakhla, appears in the middle of the desert parallel to the coast, a 40 km long and 4 kilometres wide peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. In between lies a kitesurfer’s paradise, a nearly endless glassy lagoon.

With 300 kiteable days per year and a nearly 100% guaranteed wind probability during April to October, Dakhla is one of the worldwide „top ten“ spots for kitesurfing.

The gigantic lagoon, combined with perfect wave spots on the other side of the land tongue, offers ideal kitesurfing conditions for beginners, intermediates, freestylers and wavekiters.

Royal Air Maroc departs from Casablanca several times a week and you can reach the wind paradise within 6-8 hours

Kite destination for beginners, intermediates, freestylers & wavekiters

For beginners and intermediates Dakhla's large water lagoon is ideal for learning to kitesurf, with extensive space for the freestylers to try out new tricks and turns. The wavekiters amongst you get to explore the deserted beaches on the ocean side of the lagoon and "straplessly" chase the waves with the wind.

The groups are divided depending on your kite-level with maximum 4 persons per group.

Throughout the session your instructor is continuously observing you and safety boats are present in the lagoon for assistance.

DAKHLA Kitesurf 1 Week Package (June to Sep)

  • 7 nights accommodation in downtown Dakhla in double room, incl. breakfast
  • 12 hours kitesurf lesson per person
  • Beginners course
  • Complete kitesurf equipment
  • Transport from the accommodation to the lagoon for the lessons
  • Light lunch on the beach on the kitesurf days
  • Return Dakhla airport transfer
  • 1 Excursion
  • Experienced IKO certified instructor systematically coaching you to mastery

Package price per person: 1'095 € (based on 2 persons)

Offer available from 21 June to 2 September 2018.

Kitesurfing in Agadir

Learn to kitesurf just outside of Agadir, on a long sandy beach between Tamraght & Taghazout.

The best time for kitesurfing around Agadir is in April/May when the wind appears and the Atlantic Ocean is calm. The wind is mainly on shore and the bays are protected from strong wind gusts; enabling you an unforgettable kitesurf session in a safe environment! There can be occasional windy days throughout the year but nothing guaranteed.

In a beginner course you first learn the basics of kitesurfing on the beach, which safety precautions are necessary and how to handle the wind regime. Once you can control the kite you learn to body drag through the water. In a next step you add the board and master the skills of beach start and then water start. The aim of the course is for you to glide along the water like a butterfly, experiencing the joy of pure freedom!

The course takes place in French and English and is conducted by Fayçal and his team. As former marine officer and qualified IKO instructor, Fayçal knows the ocean and its behavior like the back of his hand, making sure safety is the primary objective.

Kitesurf Hourly Lessons & Material Rental

You already have your accommodation sorted out and would just like to get a taste of kitesurfing and spend some hours in the water? Then book individual lessons with us or opt for the pack of 6 hours and spread them over a few days. We recommend at least 2 hours per lesson.

  • Price for 2 hours: 60 €
  • Price for 6 hours: 170 €

If you're an experienced kitesurfer you have the option to rent our material and be assisted throughout your session by our kitesurf instructor for your safety (compulsory). 

  • Price for 1 hour material rent including assistance: 65 €


Meet your Kitesurf Instructor

Kitesurfing is not easy, however with Fayçal's assistance it is simpler. As the highly experienced surf instructor that he is, Fayçal patiently shows the basics as well as confidently demonstrates his tricks for the experienced kitesurfers.

He works alongside you on the beach and then in the water, observing your kite and your reactions to identify and correct the mistakes. As former marine officer and qualified IKO kitesurf instructor, Fayçal knows the behaviours of wind and water like the back of his hand, making sure safety is the primary objective.

Under his watchful eye you will never feel exposed to the dangers of the sea.

As you learn to kite surf your heart will never forget the experience of total freedom gliding along the water like a butterfly.

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Dakhla - The Kitesurf Paradise

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