The Kitesurf Paradise in Southwest Morocco

In southwest Morocco on the border to Mauritania, a few kilometres before the city of Dakhla, appears in the middle of the desert parallel to the coast, a 40 km long and four kilometres wide peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. In between lies a kitesurfer’s paradise, a nearly endless glassy lagoon.

With 300 kiteable days per year and a nearly hundred per cent-guaranteed wind probability during May to October, Dakhla counts to the worldwide „top ten“ spots for kitesurfing.

The gigantic flat-water lagoon, paired with perfect wave spots on the other side of the land tongue, offers perfect kitesurfing conditions for all levels.

The outcome: A complete kite destination for beginners, intermediates, freestylers and wavekiters.

Meanwhile Royal Air Maroc departs from Casablanca several times a week and you can reach the wind paradise within 6-8 hours.

Cosy accommodation downtown

Your accommodation is conveniently situated in the centre of Dakhla by the lagoon, with café and small grocery stores close by. The hotel is tastefully decorated giving attention to each detail. It beams of good energy inviting you to stay in the comunal room to connect with the other guests and feel part of a big family. 

The airport is by the entrance of Dakhla and about 15 minutes drive away from the hotel.

Kitesurf Accommodation in Dakhla

Climate, Transfer, Flights

Climate: Dakhla has a desert climate with pleasant temperatures. The summer months offer an average temperature of 25°C. During the nights it cools down to 18°C, in winter even down to 5°C. The water temperature lies around 20°C. The best time to visit Dakhla is from April to October.

Transfer: Dakhla's airport in situated conveniently at the entrance of the city and close to your accommodation.

Flights: Available as of 500 € with Royal Air Maroc departing from Zurich with changeover in Casablanca. There are several flights a week leaving from Casablanca.

Visa: To enter Morocco you need a passport valid for at least 6 months prior to expiry. You don’t need a visa for Morocco.