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About Lisa

Lisa discovered Morocco through her passion for surfing, and was quickly fascinated by the diversity of the country and the friendliness of its people.

In 2013 Lisa decided to leave her international career in Switzerland and move to Morocco to experience true Moroccan life among the locals, adapting and living their life style. She meant to go for 3 months, but it quickly became 5 years - and hopefully many more.

Her interest in Moroccan culture and openness towards the locals have helped her establish a strong collaborative business network with hardworking and reliable local connections who are passionate about their country, its culture and of course its delicious cuisine.

Previously, Lisa worked in senior HR roles at international companies, organising workshops and events, and managing Graduate Trainee programs which involved overseeing collaboration between people of many different backgrounds and cultures.

Dancing the Waves enables Lisa to share her passion for organising, meeting people, surfing and thus providing you an authentic journey in to Morocco's fascinating culture in a safe environment.

With Lisa's guidance, you will connect with the locals and experience the true beauty of the country, whilst enjoying Swiss quality service.

Come dance the waves and dive in to Morocco's fascinating culture - so different to your daily life!

About Fayçal

Fayçal, a local Moroccan, has the French surf instructor such as the IKO kitesurf diploma and was one of the first to discover the waves in Morocco more than 35 years ago. As former marine officer he knows the coast and the ocean "like the back of his hand" and is highly regarded and respected throughout the area for his skills and knowledge. Under his watchful eye you will never feel exposed to the dangers of the sea.

Depending upon tide, wind and your personal ability, Fayçal will arrange your programme around the best spots available at the time. So each day within the season the best place for surfing and kitesurfing will be found for you, leaving you simply to enjoy the experience.

Fayçal teaches in French and English and loves to tell about the history of surf and how the surf and kitesurf were introduced to Morocco.

I love to share the beauty and history of my country with our guests, taking them to unique surf spots off the beaten track and making their stay an unforgettable experience.


Lisa and Fayçal make a great team, sharing their passion for the surf, offering Swiss quality organisation and authentic guidance by a local well-educated Moroccan wanting to impart his know-how to surfing, kitesurfing and the Moroccan life style with visitors from all over the world.

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