From October to April the deserted beach of Tafedna offers great surf with constant beach brakes for the beginners, a long right-handed point break for the intermediates and an impressive big wave with tow-in surfing for the professional surfers. The waves are also a delight for longboard surfing and stand up paddling.

Join us on a surf trip to the close by village Imsouane, offering the longest wave of north Africa giving you rides up to 2 minutes! The big wave further out is an amazing challenge for the professional surfers. Contact us should you be interested in organising your personal assistance to accompany you out to he big wave.

Surf coaching is the best method to learn the fundaments of surfing and progress your existing surf skills. It’s customized for all levels; from beginner to advanced surfers.

Our qualified surf instructors will take you to the best surf spots matching your ability. The morning session is structured with theory whereas in the afternoon you can surf freely under constant observation of our surf instructors. The coaching sessions are held in English and/or French. Throughout the week you are provided with a wetsuit and surfboard matching you surf ability.


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