Enjoy, relax and live the moment

Away from the bustling city, you have the feeling live stands still. Quiet villages, idyllic olive groves, oases surrounded by palm trees, impressive mountains with snow covered caps and the rough beauty of the desert inviting you to pause for a moment and let the variety of impressions sink in.

There are many ways to relax in Morocco; soak in the African sun on the beach, give your body a treat in the hammam or just simply forget about time and live to the rythm of the sun and tide.

Hammam & Massage

Got tense muscles from paddling for the waves, hiking the mountains or riding a camel for hours?

The hammam, a traditional steam room, is used by Moroccans for a ritual based body treatment that involves the steaming, scrubbing and massaging of the skin until it glows. Following the hammam we recommend a full body massage helping you release any tension and bringing your mind and body in to balance.

Enjoy the secrets of the Moroccan beauty care and tune in with the hammam ritual.

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