Surf & Kitesurf Spots Morocco

Beach & Point Breaks, Lagoon & secret Spots ... Morocco has it all!

There are many famous waves along Morocco's west coast, especially around Tamraght. The huge lagoon in Dakhla and the Atlantic side of the land tongue offer amazing kitesurf conditions for all levels.

We strive to take you to the less crowded "hidden" surf/kitesurf spots matching your abilities and enabling you an unforgettable session!

Agadir Area, Tamraght - Taghazout

The surf spots around Tamraght offer a nice variation of point and beach breaks. Depending on the swell condition, the tides and your surfing level we guide you to the most adequate spot. With beginners we mainly head to the beach breaks Devils Rock, Crocro, km17, Camels beach or Tamri in flat conditions.

With medium level and the advanced surfers we hit the point breaks when the swell is up. This could be Banana Point, Anchor Point, Killer Point, Desert Point & Boilers, just to name a few. Occasionally we surf the "secret spot" ... and keep it secret.


Dakhla in southwest Morocco is the Mecca for kitesurfing with its 25km long lagoon with a water temperature over 22° C and 300 days of wind per year. With the ocean side on the Atlantic, the famous long right wave with side off shore wind gives the wave kiters the opportunity to kitesurf the waves in optimal conditions. With beginners we launch the lessons in the lagoon and head to the Atlantic coast with the medium and advanced level kitesurfers.

The lagoon is also known as a huge playground for the freestylers and racers.

PS: You can surf in wintertime during 60 days 


Tafedna is a small fisher mans village on a naturally beautiful 3-4 km long sandy beach with a point break. The best season for surfing is during the winter when the depressions are active in Europe. The surf spot is suitable for beginners, medium and advanced level surfers. It’s also the meeting spot for the pros of tow-in surfing in big conditions.

Until now Tafedna stays one of the unknown surf spots with little frequency in the area. For us it’s the best place to be for a surf and/or yoga retreat; total immersion with nature and absence of abundance and superficiality. It recharges you with energy, purity and beauty, enabling you to enjoy the simplicity of life.

Manly during the summer period, Tafedna offers appropriate kitesurf conditions enabling you to learn to kitesurf. There are well-known kitesurf spots close by such as Sidi Kaouki and southern Essaouira offering good kitesurf conditions for all levels.