The country that makes your soul grow

For those of you who do not know Morocco, a picture of the vast, arid and extremely hot Saharan desert stretching on forever is likely to be conjured up in your mind. But Morocco is so much more than that, with huge areas of lush agricultural lands, vast forests, productive vineyards and green grazing meadows to the north, magnificent snow-capped mountains of the High Atlas, ancient and exciting walled cities and stunning stretches of quiet uninhabited coastline with a climate similar to the Mediterranean resorts in the summer.

Morocco is a beautiful, proud, rich and secure country and has such diversity in location that it is considered one of the best tourist locations. Where do you find such a mixture of attractiveness that is untouched and unharmed?

Thanks to the microclimate and more than 360 sunny days per year, Morocco’s west coast is an ideal holiday destination through out the whole year. Even during the summer the coast stays very pleasant with a constant breeze from the Atlantic cooling the air remarkably.

The people of Morocco are kind, warm, and well known around the world for their hospitality. A Moroccan, after having just met you, will invite you to his home for a feast of all they have to give, even if they are of meager means.

“You’ll never be more welcome!”
“You’ll view artisans working the same as hundreds of years ago”
“You’ll be in one of the most diverse locales in the world”
“You’ll witness hundreds of years of history unfold in front of your eyes”