When passion becomes business ...

Dancing the Waves was founded in 2016 when Lisa and Fayçal met and started surfing the wave of their life together; Lisa wanting to combine her passion for organising with surfing and Fayçal longing to fully devote himself to the surf instead of working as captain on a fishing boat, exploiting the sea!


In 2013 Lisa gave up her international career in Switzerland and moved to Morocco; the enchanting country she fell in love with during her surf holidays and now calls “home”.

Her interest in Moroccan culture and openness towards the locals, have helped her establish a strong collaborative business network with hardworking and reliable local connections.

Whenever Lisa needs a break from the office she heads out for the waves, either dancing on her favourite longboard, progressing her turns with the Indiana short board or challenging herself with the 8’6 stand up paddle. Despite her initial reluctance she has become a keen kitesurfer thanks to her pushy personal coach Fayçal.

Lisa is your first contact person, answering your inquiries, managing the business in the background and taking care of your wishes on the spot ... thus offering you Swiss quality service in Morocco. With Lisa's guidance, you will connect with the locals and experience the true beauty of the country in an authentic and safe environment.

Come dance the waves and dive in to Morocco's fascinating culture - so different to your daily life!


Originally from Agadir, Fayçal moved to Tamraght 25 years ago, after having graduated as marine officer. As one of the first local surfers he was desperate to escape the bustle of the city and live amidst the best surf spots. He qualified as French surf instructor and founded his first surf school in 1994 whilst still working as a Captain on various boats.

When the kitesurf boom hit Morocco 20 years ago, Fayçal was amongst the first to experiment with the two lines kite and literally got dragged along the beach. He meanwhile has a good stock of quality kitesurf material and qualified as IKO kitesurf instructor.

Whether surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, fishing or snorkelling; the Atlantic is truly Fayçal’s home and whenever possible he is chasing the waves and gliding with the wind.

Depending upon tide, wind and your personal ability, Fayçal and his team will plan your daily programme around the best spots available at the time, leaving You simply to enjoy the experience!

I love to share the beauty and history of my country with our guests, taking them to unique surf spots off the beaten track and making their stay an unforgettable experience.


Noham ist das jüngste Familien-Mitglied und kam Ende März 2019 in Essaouira zur Welt.

Ein wahrhaftiger Strahlemann voller Tatendrang und Neugier. Er liebt es im Wasser zu planschen, im Sand zu spielen, auf dem Surfbrett zu krabbeln und mit den Gästen Neues zu entdecken.

Noham bedeutet Glück, Wohlstand und Gelassenheit ... all die schönen Dinge mit denen er seine Eltern seit seinem Dasein bereichert.


Rex der vierbeinige Wächter liebt es mit den Gästen zu kuscheln und sie beim Strandspaziergang zu begleiten. Er kennt alle Gäste und bellt lediglich wenn eine fremde Person das Gelände betritt.


Lisa and Fayçal make a great team, sharing their passion for the surf, offering Swiss quality organisation and authentic guidance by a proud Moroccan wanting to impart his know-how to surfing, kitesurfing and the local life style with visitors from all over the world ... and Rex our adorable cuddly guardian.

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