Beautiful, magical, mystical ...

The enchanting area of Tafedna and its powerful vibes offer a magical place to meditate and retreat. Enjoy a week devoted to your well-being, find your inner balance and connect your body, soul and spirit whilst enjoying beautiful accommodation, delicious healthy meals and blissful moments.

A yogic LifeRetreat mit Pascale Schmid in Marokko

Vom 3. - 9. Oktober 2020 in Tafedna

Ein wiederkehrendes Highlight.

Pascale Schmid von AURUM Raum für Yoga heisst dich herzlich willkommen zu einem weiteren 6-tägigen yogic LifeRetreat an diesem kaum in Worte zu fassenden magischen Kraftort in Marokko. Eingebettet in schönster Natur. Direkt am Meer. Die Zeit scheint hier nicht zu existieren, sie hat sich der Natur ergeben. Hier darfst du dich einlassen zu einer LOVE AFFAIR WITH YOU(R) SELF AND THE NATURE. Details folgen.

Yoga Week with Susan Connor in Morocco

From 10-16 October 2020 in Tafedna

Enjoy a week fully devoted to Yoga in picturesque Tafedna with Susan Connor from Yoga am Fluss in Zurich, Switzerland.

The most beautiful place to relax, deconnect and enjoy! Find out more


You would like to run your retreat in this magical place? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you organise and coordinate your event.

You define the dates and bring along your students and we will take care of transportation, accommodation, cultural events and excursions, special activities and any other extra wishes you and your students have.

As a born organiser with several years of experience coordinating large events and workshops for international companies, I know what the need of a workshop leader and the participants are. So you can fully devote yourself to the content of the workshop whilst we facilitate the rest.

Striving for Swiss quality organisation in Morocco demands high flexibility, improvisation, patience and humour, which makes our work diversified, interesting and fun.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Krauer, Event Manager in Morocco

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